August 19, 2009

A Story About a Dad and His Son

I just read an amazing article. A beautiful, honest story about a father and his son who is autistic. What drew me to this article was […]
July 2, 2009

Why Is It Called A Game? It’s Serious Business!

Do you do battle regularly with a child who won’t eat a healthy variety fo foods? have you found something that helps you win the battles? […]
June 30, 2009

Eater’s Choice Daily Meal Planner

Solutions are often very simple and we miss them in the search! I have tackled weight loss and not, for what seems like always! I have […]
June 12, 2009

Why The Eating Game?

The Eating Game was created as my response to a friend asking for “HELP!” She needed help for her son Ethan who was a six year […]
May 31, 2009

Eater’s Choice Daily Meal Planners

The Eater’s Choice Daily Meal Planners were created in response to requests made by adults (parents of children using The Eating Game, family and friends) who […]
May 31, 2009

The Eating Game

The cover of The Eating Game has a new look! The Eating Game is now available in three languages: English, French and Mi’kmaq. We hope it […]
May 30, 2009

Home of The Eating Game and more!

EYECAN CREATIONS Publications We have been very busy in the past year and a half creating The Eating Game and Eater’s Choice Daily Meal Planner. We […]