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E-Edition of The Eating Game (Artist’s Food Pictures)
January 13, 2016
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E- Edition Food Picture Booklet
January 21, 2016
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NEW English Photo e-edition

E-Edition of The Eating Game (Food photos)


Please refer to FAQ for assistance with downloading your Eating Game materials. This should be done at the time you make the purchase.

Read through the materials before you do the printing. The introductory text pages can be printed on regular paper. The pages of meal planning charts and the food picture pages should be printed on card stock paper. Once materials are printed you will then laminate the meal planning charts and food picture page with recommended 5 mil laminating pouches for durability.

If you don’t have your own laminating machine you can usually get this done at your local Staples store or other business products store.

Carefully read the instructions, noting materials that will need to be purchased.

– See more at: http://theeatinggame.ca/product/e-edition-of-the-eating-game-artists-food-pictures/#sthash.mWwMbKz1.dpuf


The NEW E-Edition of The Eating Game for someone you care about!

Created to support people with a broad range of eating challenges and filled with planning tools, food pictures and suggestions for use that support and encourage people in making optimal, healthy food choices.

This edition has new food pictures that are photos of real foods, with an extra set of pictures “Sweets & Treats” that parents can use at their own discretion, either on the meal planning chart or on the star!

You will be downloading
1 printable copy of The Eating Game
which includes
Text pages
5 meal planning charts (ages 2-3, 4-8, 9-13, female 14-18, male 14-18)
5 sets of food pictures (photos of real food)
2 picture storage pages
Complete assembly instructions
Support through email contact



You can also order extra food photos that you supply yourself. You make arrangements through messaging via the website. You take photos of foods you would like to have that are not in The Eating Game and send them to Jean Nicol, the Eating Game creator. She will create a special page for you of up to 63 pictures, in any of the variety of background colors. Some can be duplicates if you wish.

Get more information by clicking on this store item. Order your page here in our store, and message Jean with an email address so she can contact you to make arrangements.

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