The Hillier Family

Chynna T. Laird
March 5, 2016
Linda Facey
March 5, 2016

t is with great pleasure I give a testimonial on behalf of our son Ethan, who was diagnosed with autism at 4 years of age. In March, 2007 it was very clear to me that Ethan who was 6 years old had a real problem with “eating” various foods. He would only eat hotdogs and brown rice…..For breakfast, lunch and supper if we allowed him to do so. My husband and I were very discouraged by this as we tried so many different foods but to no avail. Fruits, vegetables, meat, fish…he absolutely refused.

Our friend Jean Nicol was also concerned about Ethan’s eating habits and Bless her heart worked day and night to come up with a solution. In no time at all……”The Eating Game” was invented! Jean included Ethan…even in naming this game…with Jean’s assistance

We started Ethan right away on The Eating Game and lo and behold….he was not only interested, he gradually started eating a wider variety of foods. He loved picking the food he would have the next day and of course Ethan wanted his family to participate as well. There were foods that he absolutely refused to eat but with the many foods he was trying (some he loved / some he disliked)…we were more than pleased.

Ethan was in full control of his new wonderful food choices and he looked forward nightly in planning his and our meals, an added bonus. One year later Ethan had added over 200 new foods and to date (May, 2010) Ethan continues to make good choices, eating many new foods……too many to count now! :)

Yes, Ethan still enjoys hotdogs and brown rice, but is satisfied to have them only once in awhile. The “Eating Game” has truly been a Godsend to not only Ethan but to our whole family and we will be forever grateful for this awesome invention! We highly recommend this game as it definitely works, is fun and reminds us at every meal to make good choices concerning our food intake.

Thank You so much Jean and Thank You for giving us the opportunity to give a testimony!