Linda Mastroianni, a mother and autism consultant says, ” Ohhh I'm so excited! Look what I received in the mail today. Jean Nicol thank you so much! I can't wait to try this with Emilio!  It’s fabulous! The pictures are all color coded - Vegetable/Fruit -  Grain Products / Milk & Alternatives/ Meat and Alternatives. It comes with a menu planner with velcro and two additional blank sheets with 7 full rows of velcro to place your images. I mean this it absolutely amazing because it gives the child the choice to pick what he/she wants to eat.                       11017730_10206979030302778_8020318059314383866vv_n
Speaking Autism by Linda Mastroianni Autism Consultant says.
"If you have a child who is a picky eater, I highly recommend you try The Eating Game. I did with Emilio and he absolutely loves it. What's great about The Eating Game is that it allows the child to create their own daily menu in a fun and game styled fashion. But The Eating Game does something else too. In my son's case, he started checking the refrigerator and pantry to see if anything was missing for him to complete his daily menu. That was an added bonus and on top of that I stretched it even more by having him write his own grocery list AND getting his own stuff at the grocery store. So The Eating Game does so much more than just help a picky eater. Go check them out, you won't regret it! :-)"

Ellen Yack Registered Occupational Therapist www.ellenyack.com

Registered Occupational Therapist www.ellenyack.com

“The Eating Game” is a practical and easy to use resource that can assist parents to expand their child’s food choices.

Glenda Lannon

I am a mom of two grown young men. My oldest son, James, is 19 years old and has Autism. James is Non-Verbal and relies on using a PECs system to help him understand what is expected of him. I purchased two of your Eating Games as I use one at home and the other for his school. What I love the most about this fantastic game is it’s based on the Canada Food Guide. For my son James loves to eat. It helps him understand when its meal time and what he is allowed to eat, plus it helps us monitor to ensure he is getting all the food groups required of a healthy diet. James can be very compulsive around food so this game helps us monitor what he consumes during the day. Using the visual cues offers my son the ability to make choices as well. I recommend anyone who has a child with Autism who may be a picky eater or a compulsive eater use this Eating Game as part of their daily lives. Jean you have provided a wonderful tool for parents; it’s so structured and very easy to use and all the pictures come with the game. Thank you for providing me with the tools to assist my son with good healthy food choices using the Canada’s Food Guide in a Visual Picture System. Well Done.

Shirley Rempel

A Mom After God’s Own Heart

“I am a mom of two young children, and also run a home daycare so eating healthy and balanced meals is very important to me. The Eating Game has be invaluable for me to include my children, and those I care for, in the process of menu planning! Not only does it help my children eat everything I make (because I know they like it, as they picked it to eat) but it is teaching them proper nutrition as well. Thank you for making such a wonderful product and I know that The Eating Game will be used for many years to come in my home.”

Barbara Laird


I am very impressed with the Eating Game. As a huge proponent of using visual supports for individuals of all ages, this Game fits all thecriteria I believe is important in creating and using visual tools. It is interactive, tactile, colorful, motivating and can be individualized for any age and / or developmental level. It is an amazingly easy to use,positive and fun game to help individuals understand nutrition, foodchoices and healthy living.

Sherry Brummer-Cibrano

ean – Thank you so much for sharing your “Eating Game” with me!!!!! My son is a horrible eater and you have given me so many options as a parent of an ASD child that I did not have before. His anemic level has gone down significantly since implementing your program. Can’t thank you enough. A dear friend of mine (who lives in Canada) ordered it for me after hearing the trouble I was experiencing with my son regarding his diet (not willing to try new foods) and the ill effect it was having on his overall health. It was the best gift I have ever received!!! He also now will comply in the supermarket because we play “The Shopping Game”. He must locate the foods shown, name them, put them in the cart, and then place them on the register belt. He is so proud of himself and is even more eager to sample and taste because he played a large part in the purchase, and at home, the preparation of the meals themselves. You were a catalyst for us!!! At the risk of sounding redundant – I truly can’t thank you enough.

Paula Aquilla

Occupational Therapist

I have used The Eating Game with several of my families. This innovative yet simple to use tool has given a sense of control to the children with eating difficulties. It’s put them in the ‘driver’s seat’. With choice and predictability, children can better manage their anxiety around eating. It also creates a spirit of co-operation between children and parents and gives anxious parents a wonderful strategy in helping their children eat. I highly recommend the Eating Game for people of any age!

Dr. Pippa Moss M.B., B.S., F.R.C.P.C., F.C.P.A

As a Child Psychiatrist who specialises in the care of children with neurodevelopmental disorders, including autism, I meet a lot of youngsters with feeding difficulties. Living and working in rural areas we often do not have easy access to more specialised services and so an approach to this which makes sense, from a child’s point of view, and is easy to use for parents was a welcome discovery. With an increasing sense of control, children are able to expand their food choices and move towards a healthy diet. Often their parents realise that dietary changes that need to be made in the household – so everyone benefits. I have purchased 4 of the books so far – each one was well used and each eventually became so loved by a family without resources to buy their own copy that I hadn’t the heart to ask for it back. I suspect that I’ll need to order another in time.

Linda Facey

Special Ed. Coordinator, with both Jr. and Sr. High students with severe needs.

I find “The Eating Game” to be a wonderful teaching tool especially with autistic children. It helps that it is so easy to use. It has been used numerous times in conjunction with the Health curriculum to stress healthy eating habits. The kids love the fact that they can rearrange the food groups with such ease. There is a great selection for them to choose from which keeps them engaged in learning. I would recommend this product for use with either Special Needs students or Health classes.

The Hillier Family

t is with great pleasure I give a testimonial on behalf of our son Ethan, who was diagnosed with autism at 4 years of age. In March, 2007 it was very clear to me that Ethan who was 6 years old had a real problem with “eating” various foods. He would only eat hotdogs and brown rice…..For breakfast, lunch and supper if we allowed him to do so. My husband and I were very discouraged by this as we tried so many different foods but to no avail. Fruits, vegetables, meat, fish…he absolutely refused. Our friend Jean Nicol was also concerned about Ethan’s eating habits and Bless her heart worked day and night to come up with a solution. In no time at all……”The Eating Game” was invented! Jean included Ethan…even in naming this game…with Jean’s assistance We started Ethan right away on The Eating Game and lo and behold….he was not only interested, he gradually started eating a wider variety of foods. He loved picking the food he would have the next day and of course Ethan wanted his family to participate as well. There were foods that he absolutely refused to eat but with the many foods he was trying (some he loved / some he disliked)…we were more than pleased. Ethan was in full control of his new wonderful food choices and he looked forward nightly in planning his and our meals, an added bonus. One year later Ethan had added over 200 new foods and to date (May, 2010) Ethan continues to make good choices, eating many new foods……too many to count now! :) Yes, Ethan still enjoys hotdogs and brown rice, but is satisfied to have them only once in awhile. The “Eating Game” has truly been a Godsend to not only Ethan but to our whole family and we will be forever grateful for this awesome invention! We highly recommend this game as it definitely works, is fun and reminds us at every meal to make good choices concerning our food intake. Thank You so much Jean and Thank You for giving us the opportunity to give a testimony!

Chynna T. Laird


“I have four children, two with SPD, ASD and other issues, and The Eating Game has been a fantastic tool to help us with eating. Jaimie (seven) has a highly defensive tactile system that results in her resisting foods based on their texture. Often she likes the ‘taste’ of foods but gags on their texture. She also has dyspraxia and needs alot of visual cues to start and keep going with tasks. Xander, is usually a ‘seeker’ but also has chewing/eating issues. What The Eating Game has done for us is made food/mealtime fun while offering the visuals Jaimie needs for ‘no surprises’ with meals. Plus she’s used to the “Jaimie’s choice” and “Mama’s choice” with her Sensory Diet so this works right in with our usual tools. What we’ve started doing now is experimenting with various textures (eg: lumpy, crunchy, raw, frozen or puree) to get Jaimie to try the foods then change the textures so she can get used to them. For Xander, we can give him a good mix of his ‘favorites’ with crunchier/chewier foods to help him with chewing. Thank you, Jean, for this incredible tool. We still have to work in baby steps with both Jaimie and Xander but we are having more ‘okay’ days in terms of meals and eating than we used to. AND the good eaters in our house are having fun experimenting with putting meals together.”

Lorna d'Entremont


As soon as you open the well packaged Eating Game box, you know that great care went in preparing this meal planning tool. My grandchildren and I had fun getting to know The Eating Game. Even the 4 yr old understood and could participate. Here is what we wish to share with you. Good quality paper has been laminated to withstand use by many little hands who will find pleasure in helping adults in their life plan healthy meals. The laminated pages, handily organized and protected in a ring binder can be easily removed and replaced. You will find nine laminated Daily Planning guides, one for each of the 9 categories of individuals (ages 2-3, ages 4-8, ages 9-13, females ages 14-18,… males ages 51+) Each guide follows Canada’s Food Guide by having the recommended number of food item servings per day needed for that age group and gender ( when applicable ). Each Daily Planning guide has columns to plan three meals and three snacks eaten on one day. Everything, pictures and daily planning guides are color coded to correspond with the included Canada’s Food Guide. Jean Nicol thought of everything to make this kit durable, efficient and fun to use. Not only would Special Need families benefit from The Eating Game; but all families who want to encourage their children to eat healthily. Furthermore it is a great way to introduce new foods, learn the names of new foods and learn to read them as they are typed under each picture. Planning meals in advance during a stress free time, perhaps the evening before, will ensure happier meal times for all family members. Jean has an information sheet with suggestions for getting started and also another page with suggestions for using the kit… told you Jean was very thorough when she created this wonderful resource.

Kim Fields

Managing Editor of the Autism Asperger’s Digest

ear Jean, I just wanted to let you know that I rec’d the pkg, and have had the chance to test it with my son. Drum roll, please….It’s a hit! I’m so excited to share it with our AADigest readers

Chris Barson

Positive About Autism

The Eating Game is one of the best resources I have seen in a long time! Give it a go.”
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