February 6, 2015



peach, pear, apple, apricot, plum, kiwi, orange, grapefruit, banana, grapes, blueberry, melon, mango, plantain, pineapple, lime, strawberry, raisins, watermelon, cherries, cranberries, applesauce, lemon juice, popsicle, apple juice, orange juice, grape juice, lemonade, olives, rhubarb, dates, figs


baked potato, mashed potato, french fries, sweet potato, lettuce, kale, tomato, cucumber, radish, green pepper, yellow pepper, red pepper, celery, cabbage, green beans, yellow beans, corn on cob, corn nibblets, mushrooms, onion, peas, beets, broccoli, spinach, carrot, asparagus, turnip, tomato soup, vegetable soup, cauliflower, squash


noodles, spaghetti, macaroni, lasagna, ravioli, bagel, muffin, biscuit, roll, bread sticks, melba toast, croutons, English muffin, pancakes, waffles, crackers, animal crackers, fish crackers, graham crackers, pretzels, popcorn, corn chips, white rice, brown rice, wild rice, rice cakes, burrito, nachos, taco, French toast, white bread, whole wheat bread, pita, sandwich, oatmeal, cereal, sandwich, grilled cheese, choc chip cookie, oatmeal cookie, peanut butter cookie, granola bar, cake, cupcake, hamburger bun,hot dog bun, pizza, pie crust, brownie, rice krispie square, bread stuffing, dumplings, cinnamon roll, banana bread, hot cross bun

Meat and Alternatives

baked beans, pizza, pizza pop, taco, burrito, donair, ham, pork chop, bacon, hot dog, hamburger, cheeseburger, meatballs, beef patties, pogo, lamb chop, steak, ribs, chicken leg, chicken breast, chicken nuggets, chicken sandwich, chicken strips, chicken burger, turkey, fish, fish sticks, fish burger, fish cakes, shrimp, fish&chips, sausage, pot pie, can salmon, can tuna, pepperoni, sloppy joe, peanut butter, nuts, macaroni & cheese, lasagna, ravioli, spaghetti, meat sandwich, fish sandwich, boiled egg, fried egg, poached egg, scrambled egg, omelet, egg sandwich, French toast, stew, chili, chick peas, tofu, meatloaf

Milk and Alternatives

milk, chocolate milk, hot chocolate, cheese slices, chedder cheese, cottage cheese, swiss cheese, mozzerella cheese, cheese sticks, cheese sandwich, grilled cheese, milkshake, fruit shake, chocolate shake, strawberry shake, chocolate pudding, butterscotch pudding, vanilla pudding, yogurt, pint carton of milk, ice cream in dish, ice cream cone, ice cream sandwich, ice cream bar, sundae, butter,  cream, eggnog


Meal Planning
About Jean
Jean Nicol is the Inventor and Patents owner for The Eating Game. She is the owner of the business EYECAN CREATIONS Publications, the home base for all business related to The Eating Game. Jean is a retired Special Education Teacher who is a very passionate autism advocate. Her inspiration for creating The Eating Game was an autistic boy whose family wanted the best for him, starting with good health promoted by healthy eating. The Eating Game accomplished that for him and now many more children and their families around the world. Learn more at Jean enjoys contact with Eating Game users and will reply to emails as quickly as she can to answer any questions or concerns.

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