About The Eating Game

Are you facing the problem of supporting someone with eating challenges?

Is this a person who….

  • Is a picky, fussy or problem eater?
  • Is a compulsive over eater?
  • has a selective eating disorder
  • has a restricted diet as many with autism do
  • is on a special diet (ie. gluten free, casein free, etc)
  • is in a supported living situation
  • is a person with disabilities ie. non-verbal, communication disorder
  • is a person needing support to ensure healthy nutrition and a healthy diet plan
  • stroke victims, persons with brain injury 

Then your solution may be The Eating Game™!

Created to support people with a broad range of eating challenges, The Eating GameTM is a resource filled with planning tools, food pictures and suggestions for use that support and encourage people in making optimal, healthy food choices. The Eating GameTM is also being used around the globe, not just by individuals and families but by Occupational Therapists, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Speech Therapists, Nutritionists, Early Interventionists, schools, preschools/daycares, Public Health, and Group Homes. Based on Canada’s Food Guide, this solid and balanced approach to daily meal planning will leave you wondering what took you so long to start using The Eating GameTM! For adolescents or adults who don’t need the visual support system provided by the food pictures in The Eating GameTM, the solution might be found using The Eater’s Choice Daily Meal Planner. The Eating GameTM, based on Canada’s Food Guide, is the ideal starting point for making healthy food choices. With assistance from those who prepare household meals, The Eating GameTM helps you create a plan for what will be eaten throughout every day. Using pictures and Daily Planning Sheets, you can be ensured of having lots of choice from a wide variety of healthy foods.

No reading ability is required as pictures are matched using a simple system of color coding. And new foods can be added at any time! Included are suggestions for how to use, modify and extend the use of the book/kit to maximize its effectiveness.

While The Eating GameTM was initially developed to address the nutritional challenges faced by many children with Autism, it is also being used by many others who need support to make healthy food choices: picky eaters, those on selective or restricted diets, adults in group homes or assisted living situations who are striving to be more independent, those with communication challenges who benefit from visual supports, families wanting to develop healthy diets, schools/preschools teaching about good nutrition and those with compulsive eating disorders obsessed with eating.

Regardless of who is using The Eating GameTM, as with efforts to change any behaviors, it is imperative to be consistent and persistent in its daily use. To be most effective might require some modifications to include the use of strategies/reinforcers that are known to ensure optimum success.