The Eating Game

November 9, 2013


In creating The Eating Game I drew on my education (degree in Nutrition and Education, specializing in Special Education) and my 37 years of work experience as a Special Education Teacher, School Board Autism Consultant and Early Interventionist. I invented The Eating Game for a 6 year old friend, named Ethan, who is autistic. At […]

The Eating Game
September 6, 2013

Will The Eating Game Work For You?

Are you wondering if The Eating Game would help your child improve their eating habits? Here are a few questions to consider……………………. Does your child self restrict their diet? Do they like being in control whenever possible? Have you dealt with the possibility of medical, food allergy, sensory issues related to food? Have they eaten […]

The Eating Game
May 18, 2013


The Eating Game has been granted Patent Rights US PATENT # 8,333,593 B2 I have been asked if The Eating Game recommends eating nutrient-dense foods, organic foods, free range foods, clean foods. To be honest, if it did it would vastly limit its use and success where needed. Not that I wouldn’t recommend all of […]

The Eating Game
April 12, 2013


There are 5 meal planning charts for ages: 2-3, 4-8, 9-13, females 14 -18, males 14-18. Ask us to substitute charts if you want to use this with someone 19-51+ years. Charts are laminated with  Velcro buttons and color coded to match the food pictures. Parents present food pictures from the four groups of pictures. The user then makes their […]

The Eating Game
January 14, 2013


This question has been raised “How would you respond to someone who says we should not use The Eating Game as it would be spoiling the child?” I usually begin any discussion about a child who is not eating well by investigating if it has been determined why the child does not have good eating […]

The Eating Game
January 6, 2013

Everyone Wins Everyday!

The Eating Game was created for a little boy who is autistic. He had significant issues with eating as many do, facing challenges that required him to self restrict his diet. It was after much observation that The Eating Game was created for him. He named it a “game” because it was fun! Even though […]

The Eating Game
September 17, 2009

The Eating Game Story

The Eating Game was invented in March 2007 (patents pending in Canada & USA) for Ethan who was 6 years old and is autistic. At the time he was happiest eating just hot dogs and rice! He was very excited the first day he used The Eating Game because had hot dogs and rice for […]

The Eating Game
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