February 7, 2018

Sending You Sammy Solves Statistics

Born out of a distaste for decreasing literacy statistics and increasing childhood obesity statistics, Sending You Sammy is the first installment of the future Adventures Of Sammy series.  My effort is to write a story kids love to read as much as their parents do, including boys. Sending You Sammy introduces readers to both Sammy and his alter ego BananaBoy.

It’s not as obvious as your regular superhero books but BananaBoy does have foes and battles them, without violence. There is action, adventure, magic and more in the story of Sammy turning 10 years old. He realizes his true potential with helping his friends choose a healthy lifestyle while still having fun – maybe having even more fun!

Life Changing Events

On his 10th birthday Sammy sees some big changes in his life.  After his birthday party he meets a Magician who grants him the ability to become BananaBoy. His first job as the superhero is to meet with his friend Jason to encourage a more well-balanced diet. Timid at first, Sammy fits into the role pretty easily. Moreover, he adjusts to his newest superhero power- the ability to float.

Not every superhero needs a disguise to do great things, and we all know someone who snacks on junk food more than vegetables and nuts, BananaBoy is trying to show you that it’s easy to choose fruit more than chocolate.

Not only does this book encourage reading it inspires kids to try new fruits and vegetables! So you may want to be sure you have a banana or two on hand!

Thanks to Sarah Butland, creator of Banana Boy and The Adventures of Sammy, for contributing this blog. 

Read more about Sarah and her accomplishments as an author which will most likely encourage you to buy and enjoy reading at least one of her books!

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  1. Thanks for hosting me to let your fans know of BananaBoy, Jean! Keep up the great work!

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