July 27, 2016


Many children with autism struggle to be in control – The Eating Game, created for an autistic child puts them in control!

The visual component is a real plus for many on the spectrum.

The structure that stays the same (for years) easily becomes a daily routine that they like.

There are no more surprises at mealtime – it is very predictable.

Kids and teens are more easily able to be in control of making a wider variety of healthy choices.

It is much easier to introduce new foods.

Many kids become more engaged in food preparation and purchasing, developing skills for a healthy lifetime!

With the stresses of food choices reduced it is easier to deal with the social issues at family mealtimes.

Just maybe for many on the spectrum, eating challenges are more related to needs that autism presents and not about food. If you haven’t considered this for your child, please do. The Eating Game could be a real positive life changer for your family in many ways.

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Click to go to our Store for more product information.

Click to go to our Store for more product information.

About Jean
Jean Nicol is the Inventor and Patents owner for The Eating Game. She is the owner of the business EYECAN CREATIONS Publications, the home base for all business related to The Eating Game. Jean is a retired Special Education Teacher who is a very passionate autism advocate. Her inspiration for creating The Eating Game was an autistic boy whose family wanted the best for him, starting with good health promoted by healthy eating. The Eating Game accomplished that for him and now many more children and their families around the world. Learn more at Jean enjoys contact with Eating Game users and will reply to emails as quickly as she can to answer any questions or concerns.

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