March 24, 2015


bad gas


Teaching 8 year olds about healthy eating and the importance of a good breakfast I used the analogy of putting gasoline in a car………… they all understood that without gas the car would not work!

We wouldn’t put a low grade gasoline in our car to face the difficulties and costs that might result……………………… what will be the costs to a child who does not have a healthy diet?

What about the child who will only eat very few foods and not always nutritious? As a parent you worry and try everything you can think of perhaps with little or no success……………. have you considered The Eating Game​? Have you seen The Eating Game or talked to anyone about how it might help your child?

Have a look at how it works

In this case it does not cost anything to ask. Jean Nicol, the inventor of The Eating Game is dedicated to helping kids and families find a solution to daily eating challenges they face.

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About Jean
Jean Nicol is the Inventor and Patents owner for The Eating Game. She is the owner of the business EYECAN CREATIONS Publications, the home base for all business related to The Eating Game. Jean is a retired Special Education Teacher who is a very passionate autism advocate. Her inspiration for creating The Eating Game was an autistic boy whose family wanted the best for him, starting with good health promoted by healthy eating. The Eating Game accomplished that for him and now many more children and their families around the world. Learn more at Jean enjoys contact with Eating Game users and will reply to emails as quickly as she can to answer any questions or concerns.

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