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NEW Photo Edition of the Original Eating Game
January 4, 2016
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French MIY Eating Game Kit (Artist’s Food Pictures)
January 8, 2016
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MIY Eating Game Kit (Artist’s Food Pictures)


The MIY Eating Game Kit is available in English, French and Mi’kmaq.
Support is available as needed by contacting the creator, Jean Nicol, from the website www.theeatinggame.ca

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The English The Make It Yourself, MIY Eating Game Kit

All materials needed are delivered in a box. You will have the same components that are presented in the original Eating Game except the latter is completely assembled in a 3 ring binder.

All work is copyrighted and patented.
This kit will provide you with a box of all the materials you need to create your Eating Game. The only differences between this one and the original are that this one is in box rather than a binder and you are doing the labor of cutting and attaching hook and loop fasteners to the daily meal planning charts and food pictures.
You will get an information booklet, info sheet and Kit Assembly Instructions.
You will get 5 daily meal planning charts, card stock with 5 mil laminating. You will add the hook fasteners to the charts.
You will get 4 pages of color coded food pictures. You will cut the pictures and apply a piece of loop fastener to each one. The pictures are stored in zip lock bags which are provided.
You will get 2 storage pages to which you will fasten strips of hook fastener. These pages will be used for the presentation of food pictures the child is given so they can choose the foods for their meals and palce them on the charts.
You will receive enough hook and loop fastener to complete the assembly of your Eating Game.

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