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The Eating Game – Mi’kmaq Edition (Artist’s Food Pictures)
January 3, 2016
MIY Eating Game Kit (Artist’s Food Pictures)
January 7, 2016
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NEW Photo Edition of the Original Eating Game


This NEW Edition of Eating Game has new food pictures that are photos of real foods, with an extra set of photos for “sweets & treats” to be used at the parent’s discretion on the meal planning chart or on the start as an extra treat!

You can arrange to have your own photos of foods prepared. You arrange through an email from the website to send your photos to Jean Nicol who will create a page of your photos on the appropriate background color. You will get 63 photos on a page, some can be duplicates if desired. It could also include duplicates of existing Eating Game photos. This allows you to include special foods that you as a family enjoy or favorites for the child who will be using The Eating Game.

Support will be offered if needed by contacting the creator Jean Nicol via the website. Arrangements will then be made for future communication to discuss your questions/concerns.
Adult charts (ages 19 – 50 and 51+) for males and females are available upon request to be substituted for children’s pages.

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This edition of The Eating Game comes to you organized in a 3 ring binder, ready to use.

The Eating Game has
• 5 color coded meal planning charts that are card stock with 5 mil laminating with hook & loop fasteners
2 – 3 years
4 – 8 years
9 – 13 years
Females 14 – 18 years
Males 14 – 18 years

• 5 color coded sets of photo food pictures with hook & loop fasteners for Fruit & Vegetables, Grains, Milk & Alternatives and Meat & Alternatives, Sweets & Treats.

• 2 food picture storage pages for the presentation of food choices

Each meal planning chart has six meals:
The color coded squares indicate the recommended number of serving of food groups each day for a particular age group.
The charts can be removed from the binder for easy use and display.
There are suggestions for use of The Eating Game with the hope you can adapt its use to best suit your needs using other strategies that work to motivate/assist your child.

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