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January 21, 2016
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March 8, 2016
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Your Own Page of Food Photos 


63 photos per page
Contact for further information
Order here before sending photos

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The newest edition of The Eating Game has been created with new food pictures that are photos of real foods. We created this edition for those who would prefer or respond more positively to food photos rather than the more graphic artist’s work in the original edition.

Because The Eating Game is now being used by families around the world and new translations are in the works we felt the need to switch to photos. This will provide the opportunity to individualize the foods presented to better represent the foods of different countries and cultures.

The option of individualizing the selection of foods can also be extended to anyone who purchases this edition or anyone who has the original edition who wants to add their own food photos. perhaps their are foods your family enjoys that are not in The Eating Game. Perhaps you need the special favorite foods of a child who is very selective about what they eat – you can take photos of these foods for your Eating Game.

You can order a page of pictures here. You must first contact Jean Nicol, the creator of The Eating Game for instructions and for arrangements to be made. Simply, you take photos of the foods, send then to Jean and she will create a special page for you putting the pictures on any of the variety of colored backgrounds. Each page will give you up to 63 pictures, some can be duplicates if you wish. When completed Jean will send you the page, you will print, laminate, cut and velcro to add to your Eating Game.



63 photos per page
Contact for further information
Order here before sending photos

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