Chynna T. Laird

Lorna d’Entremont
March 5, 2016
Linda Facey
March 5, 2016

“I have four children, two with SPD, ASD and other issues, and The Eating Game has been a fantastic tool to help us with eating.

Jaimie (seven) has a highly defensive tactile system that results in her resisting foods based on their texture. Often she likes the ‘taste’ of foods but gags on their texture. She also has dyspraxia and needs alot of visual cues to start and keep going with tasks. Xander, is usually a ‘seeker’ but also has chewing/eating issues.

What The Eating Game has done for us is made food/mealtime fun while offering the visuals Jaimie needs for ‘no surprises’ with meals. Plus she’s used to the “Jaimie’s choice” and “Mama’s choice” with her Sensory Diet so this works right in with our usual tools.

What we’ve started doing now is experimenting with various textures (eg: lumpy, crunchy, raw, frozen or puree) to get Jaimie to try the foods then change the textures so she can get used to them. For Xander, we can give him a good mix of his ‘favorites’ with crunchier/chewier foods to help him with chewing.

Thank you, Jean, for this incredible tool. We still have to work in baby steps with both Jaimie and Xander but we are having more ‘okay’ days in terms of meals and eating than we used to. AND the good eaters in our house are having fun experimenting with putting meals together.”