Sherry Brummer-Cibrano

Paula Aquilla
March 5, 2016
Barbara Laird
March 5, 2016

ean – Thank you so much for sharing your “Eating Game” with me!!!!! My son is a horrible eater and you have given me so many options as a parent of an ASD child that I did not have before.

His anemic level has gone down significantly since implementing your program. Can’t thank you enough. A dear friend of mine (who lives in Canada) ordered it for me after hearing the trouble I was experiencing with my son regarding his diet (not willing to try new foods) and the ill effect it was having on his overall health.

It was the best gift I have ever received!!! He also now will comply in the supermarket because we play “The Shopping Game”. He must locate the foods shown, name them, put them in the cart, and then place them on the register belt.

He is so proud of himself and is even more eager to sample and taste because he played a large part in the purchase, and at home, the preparation of the meals themselves. You were a catalyst for us!!! At the risk of sounding redundant – I truly can’t thank you enough.